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Title: The Bridges Collection

Description: Through a Glass Darkly - Digitisation of the Bridges Collection (a collection of Cypriot antiquities held at the University of St Andrews). Funded by the Leventis Foundation. Project directors: Rebecca Sweetman (School of Classics) & Alison Hadfield (MUSA). Through a Glass Darkly is a project involving colleagues in the School of Classics (Rebecca Sweetman and Ioannis Georganas) and the Museum of the University of St Andrews, MUSA (Alison Hafield and Hannah Sycamore) which stems from research into changing perceptions material culture according to the medium in which it is experienced. From this research project we have designed a number of practical applications which have been rolled out to help inform museum curatorial decision making processes as well as support education in schools and museums. Our work is funded by the Leventis Foundation and the University of St Andrews. https://thebridgescollection.wordpress.com/2017/05/19/through-a-glass-darkly/

Title: Sgraffiato

Description: Sgraffiato bowl hand painted in green and yellow. Incised design of a human figure possibly female. Byzantine wares produced on a large scale. Byzantine.

Title: Samian Oil Lamp

Description: Samian Ware oil lamp. Circular lamp with well preserved motif of an olive branch. Olive oil was most likely the type of oil used to fuel oil lamps in the Mediterranean. Roman.

Title: Carved Head

Description: Carved stone head of male figure. The hair and diadem are evident. Some damage noticeable around the facial features but in very good condition otherwise. Late Antique.

Title: Unguentarium

Description: Unguentarium produced from terracotta, thought to be used for carrying oil or perfume. Roman.

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